Metro Boomin’, The Weeknd, 21 Savage, And Diddy Get Nostalgic On Their ‘Creepin” Remix

Metro Boomin‘ has shared an updated version of his collaboration with 21 Savage and The Weeknd, “Creepin’.” Though, some fans may say that this update feels quite like a throwback. You see, “Creepin’” interpolates a 2004 song called “I Don’t Want To Know” by Mario Winans, Diddy, and a vocal sample from Enya. Almost 20 years later, Diddy revisits his classic heartache anthem, creating a special feel of early aughts nostalgia.

The “Creepin’” remix features its standard verses — which comprise of The Weeknd’s recreation of Winan’s verses, as well as Enya’s vocals, an original verse by 21 Savage — and a new verse by Diddy.

“They ain’t real ain’t they ain’t Puff / Ain’t a place in this world that my feet ain’t touch / I got visions that cost millions and make billions / Baby girl, we can make love or make trillions” raps Diddy on his verse.

Diddy’s verse is notably different from that of the 2004 original, on which, he laments the thought of his woman cheating. This time, Diddy is assured, as in the nearly two decades since “I Don’t Wanna Know,” he’s reached billionaire status.

Still, it makes for a pleasant union across two generations of hip-hop.

You can check out the “Creepin’” remix above.