BTS’ Suga Shares His Pensive And Powerful New Song, ‘People Pt. 2,’ As Part Of His Agust D Solo Album

BTS’ Suga, ahead of his new solo album through his Agust D project, has shared “People Pt. 2” — a collaboration with IU. While her vocals open the track, setting the emotional tone, it is Suga’s words, both to himself and those listening who may need to hear it, that elevates the song to another level.

“This thing called love / Maybe it’s just a momentary list of emotions,” he raps, through the English translation. “What is it about loss that makes us so sad?”

“Will I be happy if I give up my greed?” Suga continues to wonder. “A half-illusion that can never be fulfilled / They say life’s a struggle between resistance and submission / I say it’s a struggle against loneliness / If you can’t hold it back, it’s okay to cry.”

He also released a music video for the song, which finds him deep in thought, journaling his words and taking in breathtaking views. He then takes those straight into the studio, where he spills his deepest emotions into the microphone.

“This song was written when I couldn’t do anything due to Covid-19 and when I thought ‘I lost everything.’ So, it conveys the message I wanted to tell myself,” Suga said about the song in a statement.

Check out Agust D’s “People Pt. 2” (feat. IU) above.

D-Day is out 4/21 via BigHit.