Lil Yachty’s New Single ‘Strike (Holster)’ Radiates A Truly Stellar And Psychedelic Vibe

Just months after dropping his critically-acclaimed album, Let’s Start Here, Lil Yachty is back with some new music. Tonight (April 7), the rapper has shared a smooth new single called “Strike (Holster)”

On this new song, Yachty continues playing with the psychedelic sounds he utilized on Let’s Start Here, this time, over a silky, trippy beat, reminiscent to Tame Impala and Blood Orange.

“I was tryna strike sh*t, I was tryna strike sh*t / I was tryna strike sh*t, like a match, late night, yeah / Strike like I missed it, strike like I hit the pin / Strike like I’m not goin’ to work, strike, strike,” he rap-sings on the song’s chorus.

While we’re not sure if Yachty’s latest cut is an outtake from Let’s Start Here, or the beginning of a new era, we can expect him to put out more music with confidence in the future. In a recent interview with Billboard, he revealed that he feels better about his music now more than ever.

“I was always kind of nervous to put out music, but now I’m on some other sh*t,” Yachty said. “It was a lot of self-assessing and being very real about not being happy with where I was musically, knowing I’m better than where I am. Because the sh*t I was making did not add up to the sh*t I listened to.

You can listen to “Strike (Holster)” above.