Cakeswagg Breaks Through The Glass Ceiling With Recent Single “Big Plays”

Boston-native rapper, Cakeswagg, made an impressive comeback with latest Hip Hop track “Big Plays.” The rebellious songwriter has proved once and for all that her success in the industry is inevitable. With her feminine charm and irresistible freestyles, the artist takes command and leads Boston’s Rap scene, setting an example and raising a new generation of influential and strong women.

Cakeswagg shines through with her lyrics yet again, as she raps, “It’s still big cake I get it f*cking baking/ This ain’t no pop smoke but still f*cking shaking/ And you prolly won’t last if you hesitating/ Cuz don’t nobody hold the crown so that shits for the taking/ My b*tches choosey, we get boujee on you f*cking goofy/ Sorry Pooky , he a groupie  , I ain’t pop no coochie/ If you get crazy , I can promise , you gon lose a few things/ I’m still sturdy ,  do some proving if you wanna move me.”

Spreading a fierce attitude and empowering her peers, Cakeswagg has started a revolution just by the mere fact of her existence. Speaking of how industry men believe they can “guide” her or “teach” her, the artist says, “They think they know what to tell us to do to be successful or to thrive. But it’s like, first of all, you don’t even know why some of us do music. You don’t know what motivates us.” With songs like “Big Plays,” she intends to pave her own path and reflect her true self.

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