Discover The Hot New Track “Partyin’ Was Fun” By Kaekingkally

Kaekingkally heats up the dancefloor with an incredible debut single “Partyin’ Was Fun” with tens of thousands of streams. There’s a buzz around this artist, and for good reason—he knows how to blend hip-hop and pop melodies into something fresh and authentic, all completely effortlessly and with a certain level of chic that only comes with experience. There is not a single dull moment in the entire piece: “Partyin’ Was Fun” feels like the most playful, exotic and at the same time soulful single of the month. 

Kaekingkally is an urban music creator, hip-hop and recording artist, who is ready to take on the world! Inspired by iconic artists like Nas, Ice Cube, Jay-Z, B.I.G, 2Pac, Easy E, Usher, and Michael Jackson, Kaekingkally takes his influences and transforms them into his very own aesthetics, merging multiple urban sub-genres into his final mixes. He fascinates with his ability at excelling both in rapping and singing, incorporating old-school 90’s hip-hop with the most modern productions in the terms of instrumentals and sound designs. Make sure to follow the artist on Instagram and support his imminent rise by listening to “Partyin’ Was Fun”!