Cardi B Provided Some Hilarious Commentary As She Watched An Unoccupied Yacht Sink

Cardi B has been living her best life as of late. She just released a new episode of Cardi Tries with Megan Thee Stallion and it features the “WAP” collaborators showing off their football skills with help from some Los Angeles Chargers players. Days after that episode was released, Cardi and Offset were spotted on vacation, and while the couple might have expected to enjoy a regular day at the beach, things took an unexpected turn as they watched a yacht sink underwater some hundred feet away from them.

Cardi B yacht sink
CardI B

The whole thing was caught on camera thanks to a video that Cardi provided and posted on her Twitter. In the video, which she captioned, “I can’t believe I’m actually watching a yacht sink,” Cardi is clearly taken aback by what she’s witnessing. “What the f***?!!? Oh my — it’s sinking!!! Y’all see this?!!?” Cardi says as she watches the yacht slowly sink underwater. “Oh my God, they can’t do nothing about it? “There ain’t no big boat that could save it?!?” After accepting that there was nothing that could be done to save the boat, Cardi gave her farewells to the yacht. “It’s gone! It’s gone!” she said. “Bye-Bye! Bye!!”

You can view Cardi’s video of the whole ordeal above.

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