Phatman Returns Part 2

“Look in the sky – it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s his soul
Tell ya mama tell the pallbearer put ya picture on they clothes”

Phat Baby – Proper Play
(From Proper Play single; 2022)

It seems like Baton Rouge caught the holy ghost of Lil’ Phat judging by Eatem’s recent homage and this Phat Baby single. Damn, this shit is colder than the White Witch of Narnia’s tit. A good bad-energy song with murder raps so foul I need to listen to something positive and wholesome afterwards to restore my moralbiotic balance. Ricky D to the rescue:

“So listen, be strong, scream whoopee-doo
Go for yours ’cause dreams come true
And you’ll make your mommy so so proud of you too
And this is a message that the Ruler Rick threw”

Slick Rick – Hey Young World
(From The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick album; 1988)