Chris Brown Is Being Sued For Bailing On A Charity Concert In Houston

Earlier this month, Chris Brown expressed frustration with his recent media coverage after releasing his tenth studio album, Breezy. Exasperated by the album’s mixed critical reception and a general lack of press despite it reaching No. 4 on the Billboard 200, Chris complained that it “seems like yall only invest in the negative stories” about him. Unfortunately for him, he’s made those the safer bet himself, as even when he tries to do good it seems that he can’t keep from tripping himself up.

Case in point: Today, NBC’s Click2Houston reported that Brown was recently sued for failing to perform at a charity concert to benefit victims of 2021’s hurricane season which saw four major storms cause $64.5 billion in damages. The organizer of the March One Night Only Benefit Concert, LeJuan Bailey, says Brown accepted $1.1 million to perform, then canceled at the last minute — literally, just after the show’s sound check.

Bailey, owner and vice president of DML Real Estate Investors and Construction, further says Brown has refused to return the money, calling his actions “parallel to pure theft.”

Speaking of bad investments, Digital Music News has also reported that Brown’s Breezyverse NFT collection, which was launched on the first of the month, has only sold 299 of the 10,000 tokens that were minted to start (only 297 sold in the first week). Part of this is probably just due to the (inevitable) crash of the crypto market, while at least some had to just have been poor planning on Brown’s team’s part. After all, there doesn’t seem to be much overlap between Chris Brown fans, who likely would have enjoyed VIP concert tickets and meet and greets with Brown, and NFT investors, from whom the primary draw is flipping them for profit.

Also, from what I’ve seen of the NFT community, they don’t look much like R&B fans, if you catch my drift. And while other pop artists have huge, rabid fanbases already built-in who buy into just about everything their fave does, Brown’s had… shall we say, a rougher go of it. But look, it’s not all bad for Breezy; his One Of Them Ones Tour with Lil Baby is apparently off to a solid start.