Dame Dash Says Kanye West Has Everyone Dressing Like a Crackhead

Dame Dash thinks Kanye West has people dressing like connoisseurs of crack rock.

Dame Dash Speaks on Kanye West’s Trolling Ways

On Tuesday (Jan. 16), Dame Dash made a guest appearances on Get Boys member Willie D‘s podcast Willie D Live. During the chat, Willie D, who has been one of Ye’s biggest detractors in hip-hop, asked Dame to opine on Ye’s recent behavior, which Dame blamed on Ye being bi-polar.

“[Kanye]’s a person that pulls triggers,” Dame said around the 2:50 mark of the interview below. “Look at his career. ‘George Bush doesn’t like Black people’, ran up on Taylor Swift. It’s one publicity stunt after another. That’s his model is triggering you. Just like Trump, everytime Trump says something racist and we hate it, somebody loves it. He’s not talking for us. He’s talking for the ones that love it, Trump.”

Dame continued: “He’s a troll. He got everybody dressing like a crackhead, bro. He’s doing this s**t on purpose. You know what I mean? I know what you’re doing, you’re trolling. You walk around barefoot, he’s trolling. ‘Watch this I can get dudes to wear tights and barefoot’…I’m not saying we had that convo. When I see it I’m like, ‘Yo, he bugging but he’s playing.’ You know? He wants you to get at him. Why would he do the things he does if he doesn’t want the reaction?”

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Kanye West’s Innovative(?) Designs

Kanye West’s designs have sometimes been criticized for having an uninspired dingy look, with the apparel often having holes and being oversized by design. Ye admitted his 2022 Yeezy Gap collection was homeless inspired and even faced backlash when the line was additionally sold out of large bags on the store’s showroom floor. His latest innovation is the YZY Pod, which combines the look of a sock and a streamline shoe.

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See Dame Dash discussing Kanye West’s trolling ways below.

Watch Dame Dash on Willie D Live

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