Finesse2tymes Called Out for Giving Two Rappers the Same Verse

Finesse2Tymes is being called out for giving the same feature verse to two different artists.

Finesse2Tymes Blasted for Double Dipping Verses

Back on Jan. 9, Baton Rouge, La. rapper TG Kommas shared a post on his Instagram page blasting Finesse2tymes. In the video, which can be seen below, TG accuses the Memphis rapper of giving him the same feature verse he gave Englewood, Calif. rapper Fastmoney Ant.

“Do not spend your money with these b***h-a*s n***as, mane, because they will do some flunky b***h-a*s s**t, and then act like they so busy,” TG says in the video before sharing examples of both songs, his track “Can’t Pay for It” and Fastmoney Ant’s “All I Want,” which both feature Finesse rapping the same bars.

“You one-verse having a*ss, b***h-a*s n***a,” TG continues, saying he spoke to Finesse, who said he was fix the situation but didn’t. “I’m on your a*s like booty hair…At first, I was like, maybe he was loaded and made a mistake and redid my s**t. No. You b***h-a*s n***a, you wasn’t loaded. You changed one line on that b***h.”

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The Lyrics in the Two Songs in Question

TG Kommas’ “Can’t Pay for It” featuring Finesse2tymes was released on Sept. 20, 2023, while Fastmoney Ant’s Finesse-assisted track came out on Nov. 29, 2023. Finesse is featured in the video for both songs. And in both songs he raps the lines, “Fitted cap to the left, .223 on my lap on the way to the track/Advil bottle full of Percocet and a backpack full of pack/Backwood hanging, Hi-Tec drankin’/Big playa, I’m up in the ranking. Me and pops just reunited and we both fresh out the penitentiary.”

XXL has reached out to Finesse2tymes team for comment.

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See video of TG Kommas calling out Finesse2tymes for giving him the same verse as Fastmoney Ant below.

Watch TG Kommas Calling Out Finesse2tymes

Watch TG Kommas’ “Can’t Pay for It” Video Featuring Finesse2Tymes

Watch Fastmoney Ant’s “All I Want” Video Featuring Finesse2tymes

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