Deante Hitchcock Proves That He Also Despises His Ex In A Freestyle Over SZA’s ‘I Hate U’

One of the more popular R&B records from 2021 came from SZA with “I Hate U.” The song stood as her third release in a little over a year, a spike in activity for the singer who was quieter than expected after her 2017 debut Ctrl. In addition to the song breaking records on Apple Music, it’s also been remixed by a few artists, two of those being 6lack and Phabo. There’s a new entry to that list and it comes from Atlanta rapper Deante Hitchcock who offers his take on the track for the latest entry in his New Atlanta Tuesdays freestyle series.

The Atlanta native released the freestyle with an accompanying video that sees him walk up to his former lover’s home with a boombox in hand. As the song’s instrumental begins, Hitchcock unloads a freestyle that details his struggle of watching his ex move on to someone new. In the end, he leaves her with a very salty and spiteful message: “You hate me but I still love you / But if anyone asks I hate you too b*tch / I hate you too b*tch / Yes it’s true, yes it’s true, yeah it’s true b*tch.”

Hitchcock’s new freestyle arrives after he released “Alone,” “Callin‘” with Big KRIT and Westside Boogie, and “All My Children” as singles off his upcoming album, one that would be his first full-length effort since 2020’s Better.

You can watch Deante Hitchcock’s freestyle over “I Hate U” in the video above.