Deshaun Watson rape lawsuits where already in process months before his trade request

As of now, there are 22 lawsuits against NFL player Deshaun Watson, with most of the accusers sharing similar stories about their encounters with him. Now, a report surfaced noting that numerous lawsuits against Watson were already in motion before the wave of allegations that came out.

Sports Illustrated released a report noting they gained access to text messages from one of the accusers—Ashley Solis, that shows she was in touch with Tony Buzbee’s law firm in December 2020.

The text messages were between a colleague of Solis and a massage therapist named Susan, which shows that contact was made with Buzbee’s law firm shortly before the 16th week of the NFL season.

Solis’ civil suit against Watson was filed on March 16th, and 23 lawsuits were filed against Watson that included allegations of sexual assault and harassment. So far, one of the lawsuits against Watson was dropped by a plaintiff due to “privacy and security concerns.” Stay tuned for more updates.