Doechii Processes Her Youth On Her New Single, ‘Stressed’

Just two months after releasing her major-label debut EP she/her/black b*tch, Doechii has another hit in her hands. On her latest single, “Stressed,” Doechii shows off both her singing and her rapping chops over a moody, percussion-heavy beat.

“I must be lost in my regrets / I must be down, I must be stressed / I’ve got like thirteen years of age that I ain’t still got off my chest /It must be so much more to life, if I had diamonds and baguettes,” she sings on the song’s chorus.

In the song’s second chorus, we hear Doechii layering her vocals flawlessly, poignantly expressing her pain as she processes her youth. Earlier this week, Doechii shared the song in a performance on A COLORS Show. With the new song, fans get a taste of Doechii’s upcoming sounds, as she gears up for the release of her debut full-length album.

In an interview with Complex, Doechii says her upcoming album will be comprised of eclectic sounds.

“All I know is I just want it to be of the heart,” she said. “Undoubtedly, it could sound like anything in the world, as long as it feels like gospel and it feels like it’s lifting them up. Or even if it’s taking them down, I don’t know how to describe it. It’s like Solange’s When I Get Home or A Seat at the Table. It feels like gospel. It’s not gospel music, but every time you listen to it, it lifts you up. But sometimes you listen to it and it takes you down. Either way, I just want my album to guide them through their own unpacking. I want the album to constantly grow and evolve with them in their life.”

Check out “Stressed” above.