Nicki Minaj Says If ‘Super Freaky Girl’ Will Be Classified As Pop, Then So Should Latto’s ‘Big Energy’

Earlier today (October 13), The Hollywood Reporter reported that Nicki Minaj‘s “Super Freaky Girl,” which was submitted to the Grammys for consideration for nominations in its rap categories, has been moved into the pop categories. The song, which is currently on its eighth week at the top of the Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart, features a prominent sample of Rick James’ “Super Freak.” It is worth noting that MC Hammer also sampled “Super Freak” for his 1990 hit “U Can’t Touch This,” and won the Best Rap Solo Performance Grammy Award for the song at the 1991 ceremony.

Minaj took to Twitter to express that she’s not upset about being removed from the rap categories, though she feels the Recording Academy should follow suit with other pop-sounding records, including Latto‘s hit single, “Big Energy.

“I have no prob being moved out the RAP category as long as we r ALL being treated FAIRLY,” said Minaj. “If SFG has 2B moved out RAP then so does Big Energy! ANY1 who says diff is simply a Nicki hater or a troll. I’d actually LUV 2 c a more street record win- male OR female! IJS rightIsRight.”

Could you imagine someone telling you not to “complain” about being treated unfairly at your workplace? This is my job. I work very hard. No diff from a 9-5 where you should speak up for yourself if you know you’re a great employee & continue to be purposely sabotaged,” she continued.

Minaj did not express and disdain or anger toward Latto, and encouraged the Barbz to approach the idea with an open mind.

“And Barbz, there’s no need to be angry,” she said. “This is simply an open discussion/healthy dialogue. Independent thinking is what makes us human beings!

It appears Latto caught wind of Minaj’s tweets. Shortly after Minaj’s posts, Latto tweeted, “Damn I can’t win for losing… all these awards/noms I can’t even celebrate.”

At the time of writing, Minaj and Latto had not interacted directly regarding the matter.

The nominations for the 65th Grammy Awards in 2023 are set to be revealed on 11/15.