Drake And 21 Savage Celebrate Their Success In Their New Lo-Fi ‘Her Loss’ Recap Video

Drake and 21 Savage’s Her Loss finally arrived earlier this month after being pushed back a week. The delay only afforded them more time to promote the album, especially in unconventional ways; the pair made a fake Vogue cover, a parody SNL skit, a faux NPR Tiny Desk, and more antics. Now, to celebrate the release further, they’ve shared a small recap video.

Set to “Rich Flex,” which has been the center of a funny TikTok trend, the recap is a home video-like montage of the two of them partying and traveling. It captures them at clubs, performing at massive shows, flying on planes, and showing off their drip.

A fake interview with Howard Stern was a part of their promotional cycle and prompted a lot of laughs from fans. One of the clips featured Stern asking if Drake and Savage had “a nerdy book club.” Drake called Savage “an avid reader.” He added, “We’ll be in the strip club, backstage at the show, in his hood, like, on his block and sh*t, and he’ll just pull a book out.” Savage then name-dropped Charlotte’s Web as one of his favorite books, alongside the Harry Potter series.

Watch the recap video above.