Ice Spice And Lil Tjay’s Turkey Drive Received An Outpouring Of Support In The Bronx

It was touch-and-go for Lil Tjay this summer. He was shot multiple times on June 22 during an attempted robbery in Edgewater, New Jersey. Tjay was rushed into emergency surgery but remained unconscious for a week. In August, he erected an “I’m Back” billboard in the Bronx and updated fans on his near-death experience.

Last night (November 16), he and fellow Bronx rapper Ice Spice took to the streets to be with their fans for a turkey drive.

“We in the Bronx with it. Listen, I got a whole lot of turkeys to give out,” Tjay said in an Instagram video capturing the overwhelming turnout.

Another fan-posted clip shows non-stop flashing cameras and someone screaming toward Ice Spice and Tjay, “Hi! I love you!”

Both stars have blessed fans with more than turkey lately. Tjay dropped “Give You What You Want” last Friday, November 11, while Ice Spice appeared on the November 9 episode of The RapCaviar Podcast and teased a forthcoming EP.

“I’m excited for this new music,” Ice Spice said. “I’m about to put out an EP. It’s about to be like six songs. ‘Bikini Bottom‘ is on there, and then there’s some that people haven’t heard. It’s about to be a vibe. Visuals coming with it, too. Yeah, a bunch of content around it. It’s lit.”