Drake And 21 Savage Continue Their Immaculate ‘Her Loss’ Rollout By Sharing The Tracklist

Drake and 21 Savage’s rollout for their joint project Her Loss has been immaculate so far, as they lampoon all the standards of a traditional album promotion cycle. Instead of appearing on a magazine cover, they mocked up their own; rather than doing all the expected radio interviews, they faked a sitdown with Howard Stern; and while NPR Music seems open to the idea of them doing a Tiny Desk Concert, they were content to offer a cleverly-produced parody snippet, getting the initial rush of excitement, as well as follow-up round of appreciation for the well-executed troll.

With all that said, it can make it a little hard to know what parts of the rollout to believe. For instance, the album cover has been roasted by fans — but who’s to say it’s the real album cover? Likewise, they just shared what looks to be the official tracklist on social media, but considering they were joking about so many other aspects of a traditional rollout, it’s hard to tell whether it’s authentic or not. One thing is for sure, though; the project itself better turn out to be real — especially after being delayed a week — or all the good-humored indulgence could turn into sour grapes in a hurry.

Her Loss is (supposedly) out tonight at midnight via OVO and Slaughter Gang. Stay tuned.