Offset Reportedly Canceled An Upcoming Show In Boston After Takeoff’s Death

Offset has canceled a planned show in Boston, according to TMZ. The Atlanta rapper was scheduled to perform at MGM Music Hall for an event presented by gaming collective Faze Clan. The event will reportedly go on as planned but without Offset. Although no reason has been given, it seems likely that his cancelation was directly related to the recent death of Offset’s Migos groupmate (and relative) Takeoff. Another event is planned in their hometown Atlanta on November 10 but it remains to be seen whether he’ll perform there.

The news of Takeoff’s death came at a horrible time, as Migos had seemingly fallen out a few months before. Takeoff and third member of the trio Quavo had just released an album together, while Offset was working on a solo project of his own. In interviews, Takeoff and Quavo expressed hopes they’d be able to reconcile, but they also adamantly insisted that they’d continue moving as a duo for the foreseeable future while only hinting at whatever catalyst had caused their schism.

Offset has yet to issue a public statement, but he did acknowledge Takeoff’s death on social media by changing his Instagram profile photo to a picture of his fallen groupmate.