Fact Mix: LU2K

Jesus Piece percussionist Luis Aponte steps up to flex a formidable ear for bleeding-edge club constructions.

Puerto Rican, Brooklyn-based Luis Aponte is perhaps best known as one of hardcore’s most influential drummers, but his virtuosic playing for beloved Philly metalcore legends Jesus Piece is only the tip of the iceberg of his many talents. Over the last few years Aponte has been shredding ear canals and rearranging internal organs from behind the decks as LU2K, corralling his obsession with percussion into explosive production, touching on brick-tonne bass and lethal breaks, as well as a fearless, hyperactive approach to selection.

“It was around 5am and I was in a hotel room in Denver, Colorado when I recorded this, while being on a 6 week tour with my band Jesus Piece,” Aponte says of his Fact mix. “As a drummer, I’m extremely inspired by the culture of rhythm and how it influences the world everyday. This mix is a culmination of tracks that cover all grounds of what I love: Bass, Percussion and a good vocal. It only scratches the surface of what can be considered club music.”

Indeed, LU2K flexes a formidable ear for bleeding-edge club constructions, locking in to a percussive charge that winds its way across continents and through a dizzying variety of styles, threaded through with possessed vocal energy and low-end sorcery. Come for the hardcore energy, stay to dance it off.

You can find LU2K on Instagram and SoundCloud.


Nesa Azadikhah – ‘Tasnif Eshgh’
Fiend – ‘Jah Hear Me’
Masis – ‘Mount Zion’
K Wata – ‘Lost My Focus’
Less-O – ‘Movimiento’
BANkaJl – ‘Future Gun (Spicy Bois)’
Le Diouck & Low Jack – ‘superficielle’
Mosca – ‘Lashes’
Xiao Quan – ‘Quicksand (African Tusk Crime Syndicate)’
Fwea-Go Jit – ‘The Hallow Drill’
De Grandi – ‘Juggalo’
MM – ‘9th Ritual’ 
Lurka – ‘Machine’ 
WILHELMINA – ‘Purificação’
el Irréalités Veintiuno – ‘Retiembla’
Mutant Joe – ‘Bird Views’ [Feat. Brodinski]
Sleepers – ‘Leo Cap’
Left low – ‘Queasy’
DJ LOUI FROM JUPITER 4 – ‘The Aggressive “Daddy” and the whiny, high – pitched “baby”‘
Cocktail Party Effect – ’88’
ATRICE – ‘Chamber of Mazarbul’
Toma Kami – ‘Ritmo Actual’
Hedo Hydr8 – ‘keep up’
Pleading Fern – ‘I love you’

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