The Harry Styles Kiss Reportedly Left Emily Ratajkowski ‘Begging’ For His Ex Olivia Wilde’s Forgiveness


It doesn’t look like things are on the up and up over at Harry’s house. Over the weekend, Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski was spotted kissing on the streets in Toyko leading fans to gush at the prospect that the “As It Was” singer had officially moved on from his ex-girlfriend Olivia Wilde. The Don’t Worry Darling director and Styles called it quits in November and haven’t been spotted together since. While Wilde’s attention has been focused on her heated custody battle with Jason Sudeikis, Styles has been attempting to keep a low profile has been’s been out traveling the world as part of his ‘Love On Tour.’

After an old video resurfaced in which Styles declared Ratajkowski his celebrity crush, spectators figured the two’s rumored pairing was a match made in celebrity heaven. Everyone except Wilde, that is according to Page Six. Sources shared with the outlet that it isn’t your typical post-breakup jealous as Wilde and Ratajkowski are friends.

One source told the publisher, after the images and video of her and Styles kissing hit the net she eventually made her way to Wilde “begging” for forgiveness.

The model has publicly advocated for Wilde following her nasty portrayal in the media. Ratajkowski, even went as far as to provide Elle UK with a statement, in support of Wilde stating, “In the past year with Amber Heard and Olivia Wilde and the craziness of putting them in this box as if they’re monsters or witches. . .There’s nuance to it, but when you see the way that the whole world reacts to women, it’s really hard not to want to go to an extreme side of it.”

The source ended with Wilde was not confrontational about the matter and is deciding to “remove herself from it all.”