Generic list post: September 2022

Obligatory wrap-up post of those songs I’ve played most during the month when Queen Elizabeth II went back to the essence. Yo, pull ya skirt down, Britain – old people die everyday, b. Personally, I’ve disliked the British royal famalam ever since I got picked to play Prince Charles in my infant school’s Christmas play. Same ears?

Jamie Jupitor – Future Computer (2016)
Nef The Pharoah – Old Enough (2022)
Nef The Pharoah – Tattooed (2022)
Seiji Oda – City Pop 001 (2022)
Seiji Oda – What It Feel Like (2022)
Homeboy Sandman – Satellite (2022)
Sha Ek – Too Oppy (2022)
Cash Cobain & Chow Lee – Just Blick It (2022)
The Chats – 6L GTR (2022)
The Chats – Ticket Inspector (2022)
Disasterpeace – Dork (2022)

Other notables: there’s a New York Drill song which samples Level & Mouse’s I Bet U Won’t lol.

Other reading: peep my Mac Dre & Khayree best of 1996 to 1998 playlist and Chicken-N-Kalinka’s Cell Block Records playlist. Over on The Spartorialist, King Kos dropped a list of his 101 favourite British movies of all time and I had a go at my own list in his comments.

PS: If you were to combine my 101 favourite Rap songs of the 90s with my 101 favourite non-Rap singles of the 90s then you have a list that’s a billion times better than Pitchfork’s best 250 songs of the 90s list. Obviously I haven’t actually read Pitchfork’s list because the committee of frumpy music critics who collate Pitchfork lists mostly have terrible taste in everything and can’t be trusted. Plus, 95% of American music critics are clueless about dance music from their own country let alone the rest of the world. As the old saying goes, 9/10 Pitchfork contributors probably think Juan Atkins is some guy who plays ‘soccer’ for Real Madrid.