Kaash Paige And 6lack Reminisce On Past Friendships In Their Astronomical ‘Miss My Dawgs’ Video

Kaash Paige and 6lack have dropped the video for their new collaboration, “Miss My Dawgs.

In the video, directed by Marmo Films, Paige is seen navigating a spacecraft solo. As she walks about the ship, she reminisces on past friendships, however, she knows better than to rekindle them.

6lack is seen on a different planet, finding comfort in his solitude, before he is joined by Paige. Then, the two embrace, knowing that they can trust in each other. Paige and 6lack then hop in the spacecraft and set off to the next destination.

Paige’s second album, The Fall Off, arrives this fall via Def Jam. She detailed The Fall Off in a recent interview with Billboard, Paige detailed the album, noting that it will include pop records, as well as the type of music she’s been wanting to create.

‘The vibe is just kind of just like … when you haven’t dropped your own art in two years, you hear a lot of comments like, “She fell off” or “What’s she doing?” “When’s she dropping music?” And it’s just like… I didn’t fall off,” Paige said. “I just had to get myself ready for what God had prepared for me. I feel as if people don’t allow artists to take the time out to get to know themselves, to get to know the people around them, or to understand what they actually want to do and what kind of sound they want to make.”

Check out the “Miss My Dawgs” video above.