Ice Spice Said NLE Choppa Should ‘Play It Cool’ After He Named A Song After Her

Whether you like it or not, New York viral star Ice Spice is stirring up a lot of attention. While some fans have taken to criticizing the breakout artist for her relative inexperience and sudden rise to fame, others have wholeheartedly embraced her having a moment. While Cardi B teased a remix of Ice Spice’s breakout “Munch” and Lil Nas X wore her signature outfit as a Halloween costume, Memphis rapper NLE Choppa went one step further, naming his latest single after her, even going as far as tweeting, “She thought I was feelin her. She was right.”

Of course, nothing ever goes unnoticed on Twitter for very long. Catching the not-so-oblique reference to her breakout hit, Ice Spice responded in a quote tweet, “N**** feenin gotta play it cool.”

Meanwhile, Ice Spice has been playing it cool with regard to all the attention she’s been getting — and taking steps to ensure it continues. Although “Munch” remains in heavy rotation on TikTok she already has another trendy single worming its way into fans’ affections in “Bikini Bottom,” a Spongebob-referencing drill banger whose line “How can I lose if I’m already chose?” has become a fan-favorite caption quote.

You can check out NLE Choppa’s “Ice Spice” on Friday.