Why Did Gucci Mane Drop Baby Racks From 1017 Records?

Grand opening, grand closing. What could’ve led Gucci Mane to sign and drop his new (well, formerly new) artist Baby Racks all on the same day?

Apparently, the Alabama rapper takes his “Dissin The Dead” message to heart. After an insensitive tweet about Migos rapper Takeoff’s recent death on Rack’s end, Gucci decided it was ultimately time to cut ties, despite him recently bringing the Georgia rapper aboard his 1017 label.

On Wednesday, the rapper confirmed the news in a now-deleted tweet, saying, “Congratulations to Babyracks1017, [the] first artist to get signed and dropped in a day.” he wrote. “That dude is not signed to 1017.”

Along with 1017, Baby Racks is also not listed on Atlantic Records roster, TMZ reports.

The drama started on Tuesday (November 1), after Racks said he wasn’t interested in performing in Houston after the Takeoff’s tragic death. He would eventually double down on his statements, tweeting, ” Y’all mad cause I said I ain’t coming to Houston. lmao. F*ck Houston.”

The “CEO” rapper offered his own response to the post before making his account private, saying he appreciated him and his team being flown out, along with the “check Atlantic records sent,” he wrote. The rapper said he was a “free agent” while tagging other tastemakers such as Yo Gotti, Rick Ross, NBA Youngboy, and more.

It wasn’t that long ago when Racks had first announced that he would be singing with Gucci Mane, and then later releasing their collaborative track, “Look ma, I did it,” in September.

As we’ve learned recently with Kanye West, you can say whatever you want, but you must be ready to handle the consequences.