JT Was Miffed To Learn Her Halloween Costume Wasn’t What She Thought

While lots of stars tend to go all-out on their Halloween costumes (you can check out some examples here and here), others tend to be more low-key. But while those more simple costumes usually involve a lot fewer moving parts, that doesn’t exactly make them foolproof. JT, who went with common barnyard animal, was miffed to learn that her costume wasn’t what she thought it was — but only after she’d already done her makeup.

The City Girls rapper seemed to take things in stride, though, posting a photo of the faux pas on Instagram and explaining what happened in the caption, turning the mixup into a bit of a Jeff Goldblum in The Fly situation. “I got this thinking it was a bunny,” she explained. “whole time Im a lamb, face paint all wrong, smh. happy Halloween from the lambunny.” You can see in the pic below that she’s certainly got the facepaint of an adorable rabbit, but unfortunately for JT, most sheep don’t have whiskers. However, as one commenter pointed out, her error could simply be the start of a trend; “finna be mad lambunnies next year now watch,” they wrote.

Meanwhile, her City Girl partner-in-rhyme Yung Miami didn’t post a costume pic this year, but did share her fans’ costumes with her infamous “Go Papi” sign from the BET Awards earlier this year, which she held up to support rumored beau Diddy.