New Jack Swing Singer Al B. Sure Made A Miracle Recovery By Coming Out Of A Two-Month Coma, His Son Revealed

Health and wellness may be buzzwords for some of you, but for singer and radio host Al B. Sure, it’s a matter of life and death. The entertainer began documenting his health journey in mid-July on Instagram encouraging fans to get checked out.

Although the New Jack Swing crooner didn’t share specifics about his conditions in the videos and photos posted, Sure reveals he has undergone various tests and procedures, including intensive blood work as well as upper body X-rays. But after going silent from the platform in early August, his son now reveals the “Nite And Day” singer was in a coma since his last posting.

In a birthday post on Instagram Al B. Sure, Jr. revealed that his father has been fight his way out of a coma since the summer and has since woken up.

“Thank your every 1 for the bday wishes!! [I’ve] been kinda out of it and in my own world!! POPS BEEN hospitalized FOR 2 months and he just made it out!! So I’m much better and ready to get back on my sh*t! It’s time to get the f*ck up pop!! We got Sh*t to do!!!! And countries to visit! Thank u for all the concerns and worries about my family! Today is my day but this is for my pops! All I want for him is to get out that f*ckin hospital,” wrote Jr.

His father then taking to Twitter to share his official statement, “I’m alive, awake, on the mend. Submissively grateful! #AllPraiseisDuetoAllah. I’ll share more of my health experience soon in hopes to encourage us all to stay on top of our #HealthandWellness #GoSeetheDoctor.”

We’re happy to see that Al B. Sure is out of his coma and are sending our prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery.