Juice WRLD Overthinks On His New Posthumous Song ‘In My Head’

Since the tragic passing of Jarad Anthony Higgins, better known as world-dominating rapper Juice WRLD, in 2019, lots of posthumous music has come out (and a chunk of it was leaked, which his mother called out as “disrespectful“). This includes the album Fighting Demons, which saw him move into a more pop-punk direction with simpler melodies. A new song is out today, called “In My Head.”

“In My Head” has the texture of his beloved 2018 LP Goodbye & Good Riddance. It mixes vulnerability with catchy hooks in the signature Juice WRLD fashion that fans love him for. In a tired drawl, he repeats, “I’m stuck in my head too much / I’m stuck in my head.”

Juice’s former manager, Peter Jideonwo, shared earlier this year that he wanted to get the rapper in a video game. “We’ve been trying our hardest, and that’s also a work in progress,” he said in a video posted to social media. “It would be cool because everyone in Fortnite loves Juice and ‘Come And Go’ was a huge hit in Fortnite. I think it fits. So if y’all wanna go hit up Epic Games and Fortnite, y’all should definitely do that too.”

Listen to “In My Head” above.