Lil Baby Learned The Internet Keeps Getting His Net Worth Wrong From His Son

In a relatively short span of time, Lil Baby — who once had to be paid a tidy sum to stop selling drugs and take rapping seriously by Young Thug — has become one of rap’s best-known, most prolific artists. You’d expect that to correlate to his income, but upon a recent Google search, Baby apparently found that publicly available estimates of his net worth are, shall we say, “slightly inaccurate.”

He addresses this on his new album, It’s Only Me, setting the record straight. “Google says my net worth is $5 million, but I got that sh*t in cash,” he raps. Incidentally, it isn’t the first time he’s addressed this. On “That’s Facts,” from his collaborative album with Lil Durk, he growls, “Google better change my net worth.” I feel like someone should tell him that Google only shows results from previously existing web posts and doesn’t actually estimate anyone’s net worth, though.

During a recent interview with Complex‘s Speedy Morman, he explained why he keeps bringing it up in his raps. “My son told me that one of his friends at school told him,” he said. This prompted him to look it up for himself. “Nobody on that Google net worth is correct or accurate,” he noted. This is, of course, because the sites guesstimating these amounts are doing so with limited information about entertainers’ actual income streams.

Whatever Baby’s net worth actually is, it’ll likely continue to grow as he remains in demand — as long as he stops gambling with Drake and James Harden.