Kid Cudi Shares The New Album Art For ‘A Kid Named Cudi’ And Tells Upset Fans They’re ‘Stuck On The Past’

Kid Cudi is preparing to release his debut mixtape A Kid Named Cudi on streaming services. The LP is 14 years old and contains his timeless hit “Day N Nite,” which has since gone platinum five times. However, the rapper decided to change the original album art, which quickly made fans go from excited to upset.

On Instagram, he shared the new cover, writing in the now-deleted caption: “This photo was taken by Mel D Cole on 9.22.08 in NYC. Right before my life changed forever.”

On Twitter, Cudi received a response that read: “im sorry cud but the og cover too iconic.” Cudi then quote-tweeted the post and wrote: “Im sorry but that cover i never liked and this is way better to see me at that time. Some of yall be so stuck on the past and dont wanna see any change its really sad. This photo is as equally if not more iconic. Ur bogus.”

A lot of the Instagram post comments have similar disappointed sentiments, and then there are other fans calling them out: “y’all worried about the cover when we finally get this on streaming,” one of them wrote.

A Kid Named Cudi will reach streaming services on 7/15.