Nicki Minaj Shoved A Fan On Video And Now All The Barbz Are Jealous

Every Nicki Minaj superfan’s dream is to be in the vicinity of their Queen. Barbz — as her passionate, rabid, do or die fans are commonly referred to — thirst to be by Nicki’s side, in her line of sight, in her mentions, all of it. But who knew that what the Barbz truly want, is for Minaj (who is not pregnant) to just give them a cold, hard shove. That’s exactly what happened earlier today in London and it was captured in a TikTok video.

Following her headlining performance on Sunday night at the Wireless Festival, Minaj took to her Instagram story to announce that she was doing a meet and greet for fans at Camden Town’s Cafe KoKo on Monday at noon. “I’m hoping a lot of y’all didn’t book the first flight leaving out tomorrow morning. I hope and pray that I get to see y’all. Y’all know how I normally do when I come to the UK,” she said.

Well the Barbz came out in droves. Swarming the area earlier today for the noon scheduled meet-up.

Sure, there were some crowd control issues, but nothing that a Nicki Minaj public appearance doesn’t normally garner. At one point though, there was quite a bit of pushing and Minaj found herself trying to navigate the crowd and asking people to move back. One fan thought this was the perfect time to snag a TikTok selfie video with their Queen. What they got instead was a nice forceful shove in the back, which promptly ended the video. “My fave literally touched me ??#fyp #nickiminaj” the user, @theyluviish commented.

And while to some fanbases, this might be an indictment that severs their allegiance to said star, what ensued in the comments section was the exact opposite. “I would never wash my clothes again,” one user said. “Updates bio: “Nicki pushed x1,” another Barb commented. Other responses included, “how does It feel to live my dream,” “Your going to heaven now, congrats,” and “I give anything for the queen to push me.”

An in the end, it was all love with Nicki and the Barbz.