Lamborghini Celebrates The 350 GT: Its First Production Model


Six decades after its grand unveiling, Lamborghini‘s inaugural production model, the 350 GT, has made a return to Geneva, the city where it first captured the automotive world’s imagination. This moment commemorates the vehicle’s debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 1964, marking a significant chapter in Lamborghini’s storied history.

The 350 GT’s journey began with its precursor, the 350 GTV prototype, presented just a few months after Lamborghini’s establishment. By March 1964, the 350 GT was ready to be shown at the Geneva Motor Show, symbolizing the dawn of the iconic bull brand in the automotive market. Notably, the model in the gallery above, chassis number two, stands as the oldest surviving production Lamborghini.

Under the hood, the 350 GT boasts a 3.5L V12 engine designed by Giotto Bizzarrini with a vision for competitive racing, yet adapted for road use by Paolo Stanzani. Its aluminum bodywork, crafted by Carrozzeria Touring of Milan, epitomized the luxury sports car design of the early ’60s.

The 350 GT marked Lamborghini’s commercial inception as well as set a new standard for sports cars with its luxurious interiors, comprising leather and chrome plating and a unique 2 + 1 seating configuration. Its engineering prowess, featuring four independent wheels and an engine capable of 320 CV, positioned it at the forefront of automotive innovation at the time of production.

Its engine stands as a cornerstone of Lamborghini’s success and would later evolve into the 4L V12 for the 400 GT, continuing to power Lamborghini models for four decades. This engine’s versatility underscored its significance in automaker’s DNA, finding its place in various models over the years.

Notably, the first 350 GT found a home with Giampiero Giusti, a renowned Italian drummer, establishing the brand’s connection with the entertainment industry. This association was further highlighted in the 1967 film Kill Me Quick, I’m Cold, featuring the 350 GT in a starring role.

The 350 GT presented in 1964, chassis number 101, met an unfortunate end but the subsequent model, chassis number 102, survives in pristine condition. This metallic gray beauty with a red interior, now meticulously restored and certified by Lamborghini Polo Storico, serves as a living tribute to Lamborghini’s pioneering spirit.

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