Mercedes-Benz Unveils Innovative MBUX “Bark Assist” for Dogs


Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the MBUX “Bark Assist,” a pioneering voice assistant designed specifically for dogs. This innovative feature aims to enhance the driving experience not just for humans but for their canine companions as well.

The MBUX Bark Assist is integrated with the Mercedes Intelligent Cloud, empowering it to decipher dog barks and recognize their needs. This technological marvel will allow dogs to operate selected vehicle functions like music, the ENERGIZING COMFORT programs, air conditioning and the Shopping Assistant.

This feature is an extension of the Mercedes-Benz MBUX Voice Assistant, known for its intuitive operation and comprehensive services. Users can already access information on sports, weather and their surroundings, as well as control smart home devices directly from their vehicle. The addition of the Bark Assist is positioned to set a new industry standard, showcasing Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to innovation and inclusivity for all passengers, regardless of species.

However, the MBUX Bark Assist was available for use on one day only, April 1, because in case you haven’t realized it, this is an April Fool’s joke but a fun one we had to share.

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