Lil Baby And Lil Durk’s Upcoming Project, ‘Voice Of The Heroes,’ Finally Has A New Release Date

One of this year’s most anticipated projects is set to come from Lil Baby and Lil Durk. The two rappers are joining forces for their upcoming album, Voice Of The Heroes. Back in March, Baby spoke about the project in an interview with MTV News. “When it comes to that street sh*t, that ‘hood sh*t, we like the heroes. The kids look at us as heroes,” he said. “We got songs with bars, we got songs with vibes. It’s gonna be one of the craziest albums to ever come out… We got more than one album recorded. We been locked in with each other. That sh*t easy.”

The project was originally locked in for a May 28 release date, but the duo opted to push it back out of respect for the late DMX as his posthumous album Exodus is set to arrive on the same day. Now, Voice Of The Heroes will arrive just a week later on June 4. Lil Baby shared the news in a post on Twitter. “Album finish,” he wrote. “June 4 V.O.H.”

The new effort will hopefully continue the streak of impressive projects that the rappers have delivered over the last year. Lil Baby dropped one of 2020’s most-streamed albums with My Turn, a project that was boosted by six additional songs that were added through a deluxe re-issue. Lil Durk, on the other hand, reached a new level of popularity in his career thanks to his 2020 projects, Just Cause Y’all Waited 2 and The Voice, which both received deluxe re-issues as well.

You can read Lil Baby’s announcement above.