Lil Wayne’s ‘Luka A Ho’ Tweet Got Dunked On Repeatedly As Doncic Buried The Suns In Game 7 With Him Courtside

The Dallas Mavericks thought it would be fun to kick the hell out of the Phoenix Suns on Sunday night during Game 7 of their Western Conference Semifinal series. Dallas walked into Phoenix and put on a crazy shooting display, while the Suns’ offense could not get off the ground, as evidenced by their 27 first half points.

A number of famous folks in attendance, including Lil Wayne, who joined the Suns last postseason as they celebrated making the NBA Finals. Weezy has had a close eye on this series, as evidenced by this tweet he sent during Game 5.

Well, as it turns out, saying that about a dude a few days before he comes out and plays a role in launching the opposing team into orbit doesn’t work out great when you’re famous. Because during Game 7, people on the internet decided to quote tweet this ruthlessly and dunk on Wayne with such ease that you’d think he, too, was playing defense for the Phoenix Suns on Sunday.

It is not clear whether or not Doncic has seen this tweet, but given how well he played during Game 7, I don’t think anyone would be surprised if we learned that he was a little mad that Lil Wayne called him out.