Nice & Good, not Nice & Smooth

“You already know what the brand is, so overlooked but they don’t understand it
But understand I’m a bandit, I’m takin’ their Lamb and I’m makin’ a banquet”

Knucks ft. SL – Nice & Good
(From Alpha House album; 2022)

On one hand, this is some MOBO Award winner type U.K Drill. On the other hand, I like the London Posse type back-and-forth between Knucks & SL over the Pot Noodle Western high noon stare-down production. Verdict: I ain’t gonna front on this tune just because Knucks is an Alexis Petridis-bait artist.

Okay, that’s quite enough U.K choonz for now….. unless J Hus drops some hot new shit, natch.