Lizzo Took A Fan’s Phone And FaceTimed Her Ex On Stage: ‘You Bout To Miss Out On A Bad B*tch Or What?’

Lizzo embarked on The Special Tour last month and we’ve already had a slew of notable moments. In Washington D.C., the “About Damn Time” singer played a 200-year old crystal flute that was once owned by President James Madison (while somehow managing to draw the ire of conservative pundits for doing so.) In Detroit, she got teary-eyed on stage for her homecoming appearance saying, “It’s emotional being back where your roots began.” But her incredible antics at her performance at New York City’s Madison Square Garden might have just been the most Lizzo moment of them all.

Lizzo starts talking to a fan (Brittney) near the front row, who explains that she’s in a “situationship with this guy.” It seemed as though they’d been dating off and on, but there was no commitment from him and the relationship is at a standstill. Lizzo told the fan, “There should be no excuse in the world, if someone really f*cks with you, they’ll drop everything.” Then she pauses and says, “That being said, I still wanna be messy and call his ass!”

Lizzo takes Brittney’s phone and calls her fleeting lover (DJ) and asks him if he can do a FaceTime. DJ is confused for a moment and then realizes who he’s speaking with. “Oh my god is this Lizzo?” he asks. Lizzo wasted no time and says. “DJ you’re Facetiming me live on stage right now bitch. I’m wasting a lot of minutes at Madison Square [Garden]. So what’s the f*cking deal? You about to miss out on a bad bitch or what?”

The crowd goes wild and Lizzo smiles at Brittney and says, “He looks mad as hell.” Then sings to DJ on the phone, “You looooking maaad as helll!” and hangs up on him. Just another day at the office for Lizzo.

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