Trick Daddy Says He Paid ‘Pennies’ For The Ozzy Osbourne Sample On ‘Let’s Go’

One of Trick Daddy‘s biggest hits came to him at a small price. This week, the rapper attended the BET Hip-Hop Awards and spoke to HipHopDx about how his 2004 hit “Let’s Go” came to be. The song, which features Twista and Lil Jon, contains a prominent sample of “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne, and according to Trick, Osbourne was excited about the fact that he was going to use portions of the song on “Let’s Go.”

“When I heard that the original owner of the song loved the fact that I wanted to redo a sample of his beat and it wasn’t gonna take that much? I was ready to do that,” said Trick.

As part of the deal, Osbourne earns a cut of the song’s royalties. At the time of writing, the song has peaked at No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, and has over 9 million views on YouTube. While the song was a huge hit, Trick revealed that he didn’t break the bank to clear the Osbourne sample.

“Of course, I gave him his share,” Trick continued. “But as far as upfront money, it was pennies.”

Despite the fact that Osbourne had given “Let’s Go” his blessing, he hadn’t actually heard the song until 2021, nearly 17 years after its release.

In a clip shared to Lil Jon’s Twitter page, Osbourne is seen reacting to the song, as he hears it for the first time when producer Andrew Watt plays it for him.