Mattel Creations Unveils Range of Super Bowl LVIII Collectibles


In anticipation of the Super Bowl LVIII, Mattel Creations has launched an exclusive line of NFL and NFL Players Association officially licensed collectibles to honor the championship team of this year’s eagerly awaited game. Fans of the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs are now given the unique opportunity to pre-order special edition Fisher-Price Little People, a Barbie NFL Super Bowl Champion doll and a Super Bowl-themed UNO Fandom deck, celebrating the excitement of the Super Bowl.

More specifically, these collectibles include the Fisher-Price Little People Collector Super Bowl set, showcasing detailed figures of NFL players and a “super fan” to commemorate the victors of the championship. Adding to the novelty, the inaugural Barbie NFL Super Bowl Champion doll is designed in the winning team’s fan gear, while the UNO Fandom deck, a premium collector’s edition, features the championship team’s logo, player cards and a special foil card. However, it’s worth noting that only the winning team will have their merchandise produced, putting a competitive twist on the release.

Priced at $30 USD, the Little People Collector set and the special edition Barbie, along with the UNO Fandom deck at $12 USD, are made-to-order and again, exclusively available to the winning team’s fans. “As football fans gear up for The Big Game, we’re excited to offer these unique collectibles to celebrate a historic victory,” stated Lisa McKnight, the Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer at Mattel.

Pre-orders can be placed now through February 25 via a dedicated page on Mattel’s site, with shipments set to begin in August.

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