Mel Kiper Jr. And Todd McShay Spent Part Of The 2023 NFL Draft Discussing Kiper’s Love Of Pumpkin Pie


Even Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay could use a bit of a change of pace by the time the end of the NFL Draft rolls around. This year, it turned into ESPN’s dynamic duo having a lengthy conversation during the seventh round about a subject very near and dear to Kiper’s heart: pumpkin pie.

Kiper is known to have some very weird food habits — as an Italian-American, it pains me to link back to the blog about how he eats his pizza — but perhaps his most well-known is his love of pumpkin pie. As McShay says in here, Kiper eats an entire pumpkin pie every day (but not the crust because, and I promise you this is a real quote directly from the mouth of Mel Kiper Jr. because there is no universe where I could come up with this on my own, “that’s the hydrogenated oil”). Anyway here’s the clip, which revolves largely about the way that Kiper wants whipped cream to be put on his pumpkin pie, which, again, he eats an entire one every day.

Guy Fieri if you are reading this blog for one reason or another, I beg you, please have Mel on an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives so the man can eat literally anything other than an entire pumpkin pie.