‘Succession’ Viewers Were Not Prepared For That ‘Jumpscare’ In This Week’s Episode


Spoilers for this week’s Succession will be found below.

This week’s Succession follows up on the “Kill List,” and our own Brian Grubb will soon have his weekly Report Card, which will full-on analyze the maneuverings on display. First, though, it’s worth reflecting on the episode’s opening moments, which confirms that Lukas Matsson intends to use Shiv (who he calls “my girl on the inside”) for his own purposes after the deal fully goes though. I guess, also, he believes that the blood revelation equates to Shiv being someone who “gets me,” and that might be a fair conclusion.

Shiv, for her part, is a mess while scheduling her crying time, but before all of this happened, viewers were surprised to see the late Logan Roy back on their TV screens. Mind you, he has not been resurrected as an extra on The Walking Dead. Rather, he was pushing the horribly-named “Living+” in front of a green screen. We did get to see him denigrate his inferiors one more time, which was a nice bonus, but this also happened to “jumpscare” the hell out of viewers.

Yes, this was a comical jumpscare, but nonetheless, it’s nice to see people bonding over Event TV while claiming to jump out of their seats.

Here for more of this. And at this point in the episode, the night was still young.

HBO’s ‘Succession’ airs at 9:00pm EST.