Music Artists Lost Their Blue Checks On Twitter And Their Reactions Are All Over The Place


Today (April 20), several Twitter users lost their blue check marks which indicate a once-coveted verified status. While those who wish to pay $8 a month for their blue check may continue to have the marker on their profile as subscribers to Twitter Blue, many artists, public figures, and entertainers are opting not to put any more money into Elon Musk’s pockets.

While many legacy verified Twitter users were aware that today was going to be the day they lost their blue checks, it came as a surprise to some artists, including St. Vincent.

“Where the F did my blue check go?,” she asked.

It seems she was quickly made aware of the new policy, as she quickly followed up the tweet expressing that she has already paid her Twitter dues.

“So you’re telling me I have to pay top dollar to be allowed into a new velvet rope circle of hell? I thought our brilliant collective musings, time, attention, and the depression/anxiety resulting from said attention WERE the payment,” said Vincent. “Lol.”

Charli XCX also noted that she had lost her blue check, but feels that her new unverified status is on-brand for her.

“officially no longer an officially verified artist,” she said. Ii love being unofficial and unverified. it’s very moi.”

Indie darlings Tegan and Sara are also among those who lost their blue checks. They don’t intend to pay for theirs, but still stan Rihanna, who is opting to do otherwise.

Singer and prolific songwriter Nija outright refuses to pay for her blue check. But with credits for Beyoncé, Kehlani, Drake, and Summer Walker, you should know who Nija is by now.

“Blue check gone & I’ll be damned if I pay for one,” she said.

Rapper Reese LaFlare expressed his confusion over the loss of his blue checking, noting that the checks were originally issued to artists, entertainers, and public figures.

“Lol how they take away A KNOWN PUBLIC FIGURE verification,” he asked.

Tyla Yaweh simply noted “They took my blue check lol,” while Russ embraced his new check-less status.

“no blue check is the new blue check,” said Russ.

The Game also expressed that he’s not worried about losing his verification badge, as long as the money keeps rolling in.

“Check gone but the checks still coming,” he said.