‘Snowfall’ Fans Were Absolutely Gutted To See Franklin Spiral To Rock Bottom In The Season Six Finale


(WARNING: Spoilers for this week’s episode of Snowfall will be found below.)

Snowfall concluded not only its sixth season today, but the series as a whole as well. The show, which was created by the late John Singleton as well as Eric Amadio and Dave Andron, went on for six years and put out an equal amount of seasons that created a strong fanbase all over the world. Led by Damson Idris, who played the series’ main character Franklin Saint, Snowfall dramatized the story of the crack era in Los Angeles by showing how the Black community was involved and eventually hurt while outsiders, like the government, profitable from them.

In the season six finale of Snowfall, viewers watched Franklin hit rock bottom. The cocaine-turned-real estate empire that he built was snatched from him when Teddy, a CIA agent, stole $73 million from his account. Franklin nearly got the money back, but his mother Cissy shot and killed Teddy right when the money transfer was about to happen. This week, we watch Franklin go to the furthest lengths to get any money and keep whatever bit he has left of it. He asks for $3 million from his best friend Leon, he scolds and nearly assaults his girlfriend Veronique for attempting to sell one of the real estate properties, and he tries to convince Cissy to sign over her house to him so he can sell it. It all ends with Leon refusing to give him the money, Veronique packing up her things and cleaning their accounts to run away, and Cissy damn near disowning Franklin as her son.

From that point on, Franklin spirals to a new low. He goes to great lengths to break into a safe, thinking that there is $5 million in it. When he finally does, he only sees that $12,000 was left there. A couple more time jumps in the episode show that after that, Franklin is nothing more than an alcoholic who keeps to his mother’s house in fear that the CIA is watching him while scolding at a movie crew for shooting a film.

The series finale of Snowfall left fans absolutely gutted to see Franklin at rock bottom and they took to Twitter to share their reactions.

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All seasons of ‘Snowfall’ are available to watch on Hulu.