Nick Fury, Sans Eye Patch, Returns For ‘One Last Fight’ In Disney+’s ‘Secret Invasion’ Trailer

The “one last job” trope his hit Marvel Studios with Disney+’s Secret Invasion trailer in the form of “one last fight” for Nick Fury. In the process, not only is Sam Jackson’s character returning to the MCU but also his Skrull friend, Talos (Ben Mendelsohn). As well, this series brings both Emilia Clarke and Olivia Colman into the fold, which I believe means that all working actors other than Gerard Butler have now entered either the MCU or the DCEU DCU at some point. That’s an exaggeration, but we do live in unusual Hollywood times.

Make no mistake, though, both of these comic-book-movie universes sit at a crossroad of sorts. The DCU is now undergoing a massive transformation under incoming chief James Gunn with a giant Shazam! blunder to bury, and the MCU just had its first middling box-office performance with the latest Ant-Man movie. Can Secret Invasion get things back on track? Whatever is going on with the Skrulls could do the trick.

It’s worth remembering that Captain Marvel actually changed up the comic book lore and made Skrulls the good guys. In the above trailer, however, it seems that the pendulum is swinging backward, and we’re witnessing a world where these shapeshifters have infiltrated Earth for quite some time, and they might be up to no good. Disney is officially calling this a “crossover event series,” and it sure looks like we’re gonna get some Rhodey in the mix. Hopefully, we’ll see him for longer than we did in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but it’s always nice to see Maria Hill propping up the joint.

One question I do have and which remains unanswered: will this crossover bring us more Goose? I’m holding out hope, since we’re seeing an eye-patch-less Fury and getting a better look at what that kitty/flerkin did to make him trust no one. Meow.

Secret Invasion premieres on June 21.