Snoop Dogg Knocked Out The Miz After Shane McMahon Was Injured At WrestleMania 39


The Miz lost not one, but two consecutive impromptu matches across both nights at WrestleMania.

Saturday night, it was Pat McAfee making a surprise return, beating Miz around the ring, George Kittle getting involved, and McAfee winning. Sunday night, Shane McMahon was the one who made the shocking return to a huge pop as “Here Comes The Money” played out over the speakers at SoFi Stadium.

Snoop Dogg made the match official and McMahon hit Miz with a classic McMahon punching combo, pushing him back into the turnbuckle. McMahon danced around the ring and appeared to hurt his knee on a leapfrog over Miz. The match was abruptly halted as Miz tried to stall and the medical staff checked on McMahon.

Snoop recognized McMahon may not be able to continue and jumped in to save the day.

He laid out Miz with a right hand, then asked McMahon if he was good. When McMahon wasn’t able to continue, Snoop hit him with another straight shot, set up for the People’s Elbow, tossed his sunglasses into the crowd, and landed the elbow for the three count. This also may have been the first time someone who was never officially part of a match earned a pinfall to win it, a true WrestleMania first.

After the event, Triple H confirmed Shane had torn his quad and the Snoop angle was not planned, with the legendary artist stepping in to make an amazing impromptu save of the situation.