Normani Seems To Confirm That Her Next Single Is Titled ‘Candy Paint’

Normani fans and critics have been waiting quite some time for her proper debut album, and her unintended announcement yesterday on Instagram Live may just be a hint that it is coming soon. The 25-year-old was on the app broadcasting herself spending time with her friends when someone in the comments told her to “Drop ‘Candy Paint’ now.” Her friend seemed taken aback at the fact people were aware of the song, and Normani also made a perplexed yet flattered face before whispering something in her friend’s ear. She did not directly say the song was coming soon, but her body language certainly indicated that she was beaten to the punch.

The former Fifth Harmony member last released “Fair” in March of this year and even performed the record on The Tonight Show. “Fair,” her sole 2022 release, followed 2021’s “Wild Side” featuring Cardi B which was her first single since 2019’s “Motivation.” “Wild Side” reached the top 20 in the United States. Though Normani’s music comes sporadically, she is discussed regularly amongst the top talent in R&B and pop. An album will only boost that, but she is clearly taking her time.

Check out the video of Normani and her friends being caught off guard by the request for “Candy Paint” above.

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