Fact Mix 861: Nsasi

A hybrid DJ set and live performance from one of the founders of Kampala’s ANTI-MASS collective.

Early in his life, Ugandan DJ and musician Nsasi earned a reputation for challenging authority, something that led to him being excommunicated from a seminary during childhood. His icon was Tshala Mwana, a scandalous ’80s pop star who lived and performed dangerously – qualities that Nsasi has sought to emulate in his own life and art.

Nsasi is currently one of the driving forces of ANTI-MASS, a collective based in Kampala whose parties have become vital spaces of safe expression for the city’s queer community. Together with co-founders Authentically Plastic and Turkana, Nsasi pushes a fluid, hyper-modern style of club music that seeks to disrupt traditional forms, his own style drawing a line from Kiganda percussion to Chicago house and beyond.

Nsasi’s Fact Mix is a thrilling window into his club sets, combining live performance of his productions and traditional DJing in a manner that reflects the experimental nature of ANTI-MASS as a whole. “It’s a trance-inducing kind of vibe that transitions to a more groovy dancey vibe,” Nsasi says.

“I chose to layer all the tracks with my live stems creating a seemingly hi-LFO medium. It was done on purpose to muffle the sound and effects on them to have not so clear a relation to what seems to be said when voices appear, but rather have some type of connection or to be reminded of something – to feel something in relation to how you’re hearing the set and how you feel when listening.”

You can follow Nsasi on Instagram and SoundCloud. ANTI-MASS recently released their debut compilation, DOXA – follow them on Instagram and Bandcamp. Once you’ve listened to Nsasi’s Fact Mix, check out the recent entries from ANTI-MASS co-founders Authentically Plastic and Turkana.

Fact Magazine · Fact Mix 861: Nsasi (May ’22)


Ciara ft. Ludacris – ‘Oh’
Bungalovv  – ‘Alacran’
Da Gold Dust – ‘Sizokhonga’
Galtier – ‘My Mess Is A Face’
Oskido ft. Candy – ‘Tsa Ma Ndebele’
Honey Drip ft. King Shadrock – ‘Brand New Flava’
Remiseria Temperley –  ‘Leguero Hacelo Bien’
Remiseria Temperley – ‘Hospital Canin’
NKC & MM – ‘Beams’
Oyisse – ‘Rare’
Slikback – ‘Lasakaneku’
Authentically Plastic – ‘Strakka’
Chrisman ft. Yunis – ‘Ku Mwezi’
DJ Swisha – ‘Grape Surgery’

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