Original ‘Champagne Papi’ Zach Woods Tried Ending His Drake ‘Beef’ But Just Dissed Him Instead

Every now and then, a new Drake beef pops up or an old one gets revived. Now, there’s apparently a new situation that came seemingly out of nowhere, with actor Zach Woods. Woods was a guest on The Late Late Show yesterday (October 6) and while there, he took a minute to clear the air about his (very much a joke, unless there’s something we don’t know) feud with Drake.

Woods started by offering some context, saying:

“I just want to squash a beef that’s starting to get out of hand. Drake and I… this beef is getting out of control, and I just think it needs to stop. Because Drake is out there like, ‘Oh, I’m the most famous person in the world. I’m more famous than Zach Woods, who was on The Good Wife, a recurring on The Good Wife, and in late seasons of The Office.’ And it’s like, no one knows… neither one of us are scientists, we don’t know who is more famous.

And also, if you think about it… and this is the thing that started the beef… I mean, you guys know, so I’m just telling you. Everyone knew I was ‘Champagne Papi.’ Everyone knew it, and then Drake rolls in and says, ‘I’m Champagne Papi,’ and it’s like, well, are you from the Champagne region of France? Because if not, you’re Sparkling Wine Papi, b*tch. My friend Vanessa pointed that out to me.”

Woods, who IMDb lists as 6’4″, continued, “I want to squash the beef, I don’t want to perpetuate the beef, but I will say: Drake is a musician, but I can play any movie theme on trumpet and Drake can’t even play trumpet. You see what I’m saying? So that’s it. I just need to squash it because I’ll be the bigger man, spiritually, also physically because Drake’s a mini, and that’s between him and his nutritionist. But I just, it ends here tonight, Drake. You can stop.”

He then wrapped it up, concluding, “The thing that he’s done that is really inexcusable is… in a beef, what you don’t do is you don’t be passive-aggressive. And Drake has acted as though he doesn’t even know who I am or that we’re in a beef, which is a low blow, so shame on you, and that’s coming from your Champagne Papi.”

Check out the interview clip above.