SZA Doesn’t Agree With Punch’s Description Of Her Next Album ‘At All’

The anticipation for SZA’s forthcoming album is continuing to build as more time passes since the release of her last critically acclaimed album, Ctrl. She teased fans in May by saying, “The album’s finally ready to go — more than I’ve ever felt before. So this summer, it’ll be a SZA summer.” However, it’s October now and there’s still nothing.

A Twitter account devoted to statistics and updates on the singer, @szaoncharts, recently tweeted: “.@sza’s new album is called a continuation of Ctrl but with a completely different sound. While Punch describes the new album as ‘somebody who’s lost and then discovered themselves.”” SZA replied, writing, “Ion agree w this at all.”

Fans in the replies are asking the next question: Well, what does it sound like then? It’s unlikely that SZA will provide that information, but hopefully we’ll find out soon.

In a recent interview, she said she doesn’t know much about the record.

“I don’t even know what this album is about and what it sounds like,” she stated. “Which is why I had to go to the mode of what feels good to my brain and to my energy and the songs that I think are hot, I just have to go with them.”