Patch Notes: XIII

A special set from the Italian composer, originally shown as part of C0C and Stone Island Sound’s ‘The Festival as a Performance’.

XIII is the moniker of Alessio Capovilla, a Turin-based composer whose work over the past six years has experimented with tactile digital synthesis and field recordings to create otherworldly sounds that defy easy classification. Capovilla is also a co-founder of the Gang of Ducks label and last year collaborated with Anna Homler (aka Breadwoman) under his own name.

Earlier this year, Capovilla performed as part of a commission from C2C Festival and Stone Island Sound titled “The Festival as a Performance”, which took viewers through an immersive audiovisual trip through some of Milan’s most iconic locations. Capovilla performed a three-track suite titled Invrs Solaria, which was also released as an EP through Stone Island Sound.

On this episode of Patch Notes, we present a extract of Capovilla’s stunning performance in the Sala delle Cariatidi at Palazzo Reale, in which he uses samples, digital synthesis and the natural reverb of the space itself to create a musical suite that sounds almost tailor-made for the 18th-century architecture.

You can find more about C0C and Stone Island Sound’s collaboration here, and buy the Invrs Solaria EP at Bandcamp. Listen to XIII’s recent Fact Mix here.


Directed by: Xplosiva
Produced by: Xplosiva and Delamaison Film

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