The Cowboys Schedule Release Video Has Post Malone And Jerry Jones Playing Beer Pong For Some Reason

The NFL held its 2021 schedule release on Wednesday night, as teams got to unveil their 17-game schedules which, as always, involved fun videos from their social media accounts to unveil their upcoming slate of games.

For some, like the Chiefs, this meant going back to old footage to craft a clever video to reveal their full schedule — pulling Reid saying “a good football team” for Washington was an especially nice touch.

Others put a lot more time, money, and effort into producing their schedule release video, and it should come as no surprise that Jerry Jones and the Cowboys tried to one-up everyone with their video. Dallas pulled in Post Malone to help with a wild video that involves him delivering the schedule to Jerry Jones and the two celebrating by playing beer pong, Post putting a giant Cowboys logo necklace on Jerry, and then the two making it rain schedules on Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott.

I like how much Zeke sold his part by jumping up and down trying to catch the mini schedules Post Malone and Jerry Jones were raining down on to him, and I guess when you’re the Cowboys you have the ability to spend whatever it cost to get Post Malone to do this. That Jerry put himself front and center is also unsurprising, and the funniest part is that the schedule just kind of flashes up there at the very end.